About us

We're global, technology-driven company. We do printing, shipping and we are constantly working on a new technology to make product customization easier. We're online business and we don't depend on the number of people passing through the street. We don't have any physical barriers and we sell to the world. We connect and employ multiple global manufacturers, technologies and solutions for our customers under one roof using our online store. We have fulfillment partners across nine locations in North Carolina, California, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, Spain, and Latvia which benefits our customers in product delivery time, lower shipping prices, and no customs or import taxes for the products fulfilled locally.

Where we are going?

We're going to build an online store with an immersive and unique 3D shopping experience. We're going transform customers into creators and let them build their own versions of our products choosing component, changing elements and customizing colors and materials and let see a live and realistic 3D model of their customized products that they can zoom in on, rotate and interact with. Customers will be sure of what they are buying by showing our products in real world and in real size with a leading-edge 3D model and augmented reality technology.

Meet the founder

Dropped out of school as a teenager Karolis started to work in his family business with his father early in his life. At the age of 18 dressed in his Sunday best he arrived to Ireland where after 2 years he co-founded company in manufacture of other textiles with his brother and started building it from a scratch. That's where he learnt all the tricks of the trade operating 14-18 hours daily, without any weekends or holidays for two and a half years working every possible position in the company's operation from manufacturing to programming, from sales to customer support, from digitizing to designing. It was like a one-man army.

Meet the founder

He never had a chance to finish building a company he envisioned. In 2016 Lithuania reinstated conscription and he left to perform military duties for one year where he served as a machine gunner. The company had been struck off cause it couldn't operate without its spinal cord. He never forget about the company, the skills and mindset he gained working those mad hours and been masterminding a greatest comeback ever. In 2021 he had finished building it and got up and running infrastructure of a company he envisioned ever since starting it. That's next level stuff right here from the man who loves what he's doing.

Business model

We connect and employ multiple global manufacturers, technologies and solutions for our customers under one roof using our online store. We work with the best manufacturers only: Alternative, American Apparel, Anvil, Bella + Canvas, Gildan, Hanes, Los Angeles Apparel, and Next Level. We work with reputable partners only to help us print products globally. Items are printed as soon as an order is made, often, and in Canvas Devil’s case - without order minimums. We send them printed from US-Charlotte, NC, and Los Angeles, CA, in Canada-Toronto, Ontario, in Mexico-Tijuana, in Australia-Victoria, and Brisbane, in Japan-Amakusa, or in Europe-Riga, Latvia, or Barcelona, Spain.

Take a look at our collections

We sell custom products only. To purchase blank apparel use beunique.ie instead.
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